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The Ezi XDL58A is battery rebar tying machine that ties the rebar automatically instead of the traditional tying method by hands, it will increase the working efficiency by 3-4 times. The rebar tying machine can be widely used in many construction industry such like building site, bridge, subway and so on.

Weight (incl. battery)2.8 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)312x109x310mm
Rebar size30mm - 60mm
Tying speed0.8 seconds
Wraps per Tie2 or 3
Ties Per coilApprox 120 (2 wraps), 90 (3 wraps)
Ties Per chargeOver 4,500 (2 wraps), 4,000 (3 wraps)
Battery18V 4Ah Li-ion
Charging time90 mins


Rebar Tie Gun 58mm


Rebar Tie Gun 58mm