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Hammer applied knuckle nailplates for many joint types


Pryda Knuckle Nailplates are galvanised steel connectors with in-built, bent-up “knuckle” nails. These plates are ideal for many structural and non-structural timber jointing and timber protection uses.

Among the many uses, the most common are jointing of wall frames together on-site, on-site splicing of timber beams, reinforcement of corners of boxes and bins, and reinforcement of bolted joints (eg Cable Truss).


Generally, Knuckle Nailplates will:

  • Provide a strong, economical and easy-to-use means of jointing timber together.
  • Protect timber from damage as they resist splitting due to drying of the timber, nailing near ends or other causes eg Bin Straps.
  • Also reduce timber damage by resisting the effects of impact loads such as from fork lift tyne strikes.
  • Distribute concentrated loads over a wider area, eg they increase the strength of bolted joints.


Ideal for many structural and non-structural timber jointing and protection uses.

  • Butt joints
  • Mitre joints
  • Timber repairs
  • Plank protectors
  • Fence construction

Pryda Knuckle Nailplates

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Pryda Knuckle Nailplates